Advanced Training Certification

Please read and fill out the Application below COMPLETELY, and submit it with your Non-Refundable $150.00 (per person) deposit to begin the application process.

*Certification for Phase 1 is a 6-7 months program. Phase 2 will be available soon. Total Cost for Certification Phase I $1500


10 Healing the Heart Course Modules/Lessons

10 Advanced Training Certification Course Modules/Lessons

Required Books: Healing and Restoring the Heart, 2 Workbooks, Boundaries, Safe People

1 Personal Intensive Retreat

1 Certification Retreat

Online access to all LWM 30+ Teachings Interactive Video Curriculum

Phase 1 Certification Requirements:

  • Phase I - Attend a “Healing the Heart” Retreat (Pre-Requisite Requirement)
  • Submit Application and $150 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Completion and Cleared Background Check
  • Submit to ‘Qualifying’ Review Process
  • Choose payment method for remaining balance.
  • Weekly support with LWM leadership via zoom class (min req. 2-3/mth)
  • Complete (10) LWM “Healing the Heart” course lessons and assignments.
  • Read ‘Healing and Restoring the Heart’ book by Denise Boggs in correlation with the 10 lessons.
  • Complete (10) Advanced Training lessons and assignments.
  • Read provided material, ’Safe People’ and ‘Boundaries’ By Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend
  • 10 page summary and life application of the Advanced Training Course lessons
  • Completion interview
  • Read ‘additional required materials’ assigned to target personal issues.
  • Read ‘Transformation of the Inner Man, by John Sanford
  • Shadow at a minimum of 2 in-person Healing the Heart retreats
  • Personal Intensive Retreat

  • IMPORTANT Additional Information

  • Once certified as a LWM representative he/she will be approved to teach LWM classes at LWM schools.
  • A database will be generated to maintain all the current information of the accredited individuals: name, address, phone number, certification number, etc. This information will be placed on the website, where anyone could go and look up each person by typing in their name or certification number printed on their card.
  • If a LWM representative desires to use the LWM logo and name instead of their own name they may only do so upon written approval from LWM and under the guidelines of LWM policies and procedures.
  • If using Living Waters Ministry name and logo, no other ministry materials can be used in the training schools. This is to maintain the integrity of the LWM message.
  • All publications or websites using the LWM name and logo must have written approval from LWM.
  • LWM representatives who set up their own 501-c3 ministry can remain in fellowship and use the LWM branded materials for teaching purposes.
  • *All book proceeds go directly to Living Waters. Students must go online to purchase books directly from Living Waters Ministry website.


  • Total Certification Cost =$1500 for Phase 1
  • Non-Refundable $150 Application Fee (once applicant is approved, balance of $1350 is due for Phase I of the Certification. Payments made online through PayPal on the website @

  • Payment Options

  • Pay remaining balance of $1350 in full.
  • Make monthly payments until balance is satisfied (example: 6 months of payments = $225/month).
  • No Certification Certificate will be given until financial requirements have been met.

  • Please read and fill out this Application COMPLETELY and submit it with your Non-Refundable $150.00 (per person) deposit and background check form (download) to begin the application process.

    Advanced Training Registration
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    Please look at the following categories and if any apply to you explain where you are in the healing process.
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