Our Story

Lee and Denise Boggs

Lee and Denise Boggs have been in ministry since 1986 and co-founded Living Waters Ministry in 1998. As they experienced miraculous healing in their own marriage and family, the Lord impressed upon their hearts to establish a Retreat Center. This would serve as a safe place where individuals and families could go for rest, personal ministry, healing of the heart, and reconciliation.

Denise and Lee have been married for over 40 years and have three wonderful children: Crystal, married to Jon; Casey, married to Zach; and William, married to Mariah. They are also grandparents to ten grandchildren.

Denise has been ministering to others for over 25 years, sharing her powerful testimony of personal healing and restoration. She has authored several books and travels frequently as a teacher and conference speaker. She says that most of her training has come through life experiences, and from a deep hunger and study of the Word of God. Her unique teaching style, with fresh insights and practical applications, could only come through the power of the Holy Spirit. She has written several books and workbooks including Healing and Restoring the Heart, Prayers that Cleanse the Heart, Healing at the Root, and Living Waters Ministry School curriculum, and Healing and Restoring the Heart Small Group Curriculum. Denise has written workbooks covering 24 different topics that contain powerful truths in a compact form that allows you to work through personal pain as you read and discover the truth that leads to freedom in Christ. Her latest book, Breaking Free from Sickness and Disease, is written from Denise's passion for and experience with healing.

Lee was ordained into ministry in 1989. He graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic College with a double major in Biblical Studies and Psychology. Lee has served in youth ministry, young adult ministry and as a pastor. Throughout his own personal healing journey a deep desire to see heart's healed and families restored has grown. Lee has worked alongside of Denise and has contributed to her books and curriculum as the editor. As each person comes for ministry, Lee's passion is to see the hearts of fathers turn towards the children, the hearts of the children turn towards the fathers (Malachi 4:6), and to see the home come into God's divine order. Lee is the spiritual covering of Living Waters and offers a Father's heart to each one that comes in need of healing and restoration.

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