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HEALING DEVELOPMENT (Sanando el Corazón)

Ages: 18 or older

We will offer 3 classes during the year 2024, Winter, Spring and Fall Online Classes!!! We will have a Men's class and a Women's Class. Classes will now be eight weeks long with our new edited version of Healing the Heart. You will receive the same powerful teaching condensed into eight classes.

Spring Classes: April 2- May 21, 2024 Healing the Heart Class at 8:00 pm EST (Tuesday 8-week class)

Spring Daytime Class for Women: April 2- May 21, 2024 at 1:00 pm EST ( Tuesday 8-week class)

Fall Classes: Sept. 10- Oct. 29, 2024 Healing the Heart Class at 8:00 pm EST (Tuesday 8- week class)

*Spanish: Sanando el Corazón a las 7:30 pm EDT (todo los martes por 8 semanas) para mas información, mande un email a: o llame al 864-402-9205

Tuition: $195.00- Includes 7 live classes via Zoom. Textbook and Workbook. Homework submitted through email. (Total Cost: $195.00)(Price increase effective 1/15/2023)

Vision: A Healing the Heart Class to be a life-changing experience.

All of our classes are built on the foundational truths taught in the Healing the Heart Retreat. This class provides a safe place to help you walk through grieving losses in your life, healing from the pain of unmet emotional needs and removing the blocks in your life that keep you from moving forward. These and other teachings will help you to work through your present relationship difficulties or difficulties in your life in general.

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Living Waters Ministry Certification (Phase 2)

Certification for Phase 1 is a 6-7 months program. Phase 2 will be available soon.

Total Cost for Certification Phase I $1500


10 Healing the Heart Course Modules/Lessons

10 Advanced Training Certification Course Modules/Lessons

Required Books: Healing and Restoring the Heart, 2 Workbooks, Boundaries, Safe People

1 Personal Intensive Retreat

1 Certification Retreat

Online access to all LWM 30+ Teachings Interactive Video Curriculum

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"I took the first [Healing the Heart] class and quickly realized how amazing this ministry was... My husband started to recognize the change in me and decided to take the classes too. His sister did as well! Healing the Heart also helped us get through one of the hardest times of our lives when our 10 year old had a massive brain bleed. He came home a different child than before with different challenges, but the tools from HTH have helped us to get through this together. This is an amazing ministry that continues to heal hearts and change lives!"

CG - Phase I participant

"I started in Phase I because I was struggling with issues of control, was a workaholic and my behaviors were negatively impacting my family. I learned that I had unmet needs and that I needed to acknowledge them and turn them over to God because He is the only one that could met my needs. I decided to take Phase II really because my husband told me I was “different” in a good way. I learned how the healing could flow from me to my family. I’m so thankful for God making my family whole again through Healing the Heart."

JJ - Phase I & II participant

"[My husband and I] have watched the Healing Truth taught by Pastors Denise and Lee Boggs (Living Waters Ministry Co-Founders) change the lives of [those]... who have been willing to “come, drink of the waters that causes you to never thirst again.” The Healing the Heart school has brought Healing and Hope to so many lives, and to those who need a “safe place” to stay connected as they continue their journey to emotional and spiritual wholeness through living out the truth that has set them free."

Rachel Hyland - Living Waters Ministry School Administrator

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