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We’d like to introduce you to a brand-new healing retreat specifically for military veterans, The Exodus Mission. A portion of this teaching was given to a group of veterans at a recent men’s retreat, and the impact was astounding. Joe Grosko, a military veteran in attendance, shared part of his testimony about how it took over 10 years to rediscover his purpose outside of military life and how it negatively affected his family for years. After hearing Joe’s testimony, God led us to create a healing retreat specifically for military veterans.

Our mission is to provide a faith-based program to assist military veterans and families to exit the military culture and overcome the training and traumatic experiences that are hindering their life of freedom.

The military has a strong training program to turn a civilian into a soldier who gives up everything to serve their country. For over 25 years, we have been working with families affected by the military experience, but this is the first retreat focused on helping the veteran face the military trauma. God has given the insight to heal and restore the soldiers back to their God-given identity and purpose. They will recognize the unique giftings and talents that were set aside while serving their country that can now be embraced to serve God.

If you, your spouse, a parent, or a loved one has served in the military, they would greatly benefit from this retreat. This healing brings peace and restoration to not only the veteran but also to the members of their family that were impacted by their service.

Our suggested donation for this retreat is the same as Healing the Heart, $555 for the intensive weekend, but don’t let the donation get in the way of your healing. We are working on a scholarship program, so please reach out with your interest, and we will make a way for you or your loved one to attend.

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