July 21-27, 2024 at The Vineyard Camp in Westfield, NC!!

Our Youth Retreat this year will be a week long at a new facility in North Carolina.

Awaken to your identity & God-given purpose, and heal the heart!

The Vineyard Youth Camp will be held July 21-27 at 1945 Vineyard Rd., Westfield, NC 27053.

Individual pricing: $395 donation per youth

Deposit: $100 donation per youth

Contact Living Waters Ministry for more info.

What will we do? We will be using a new location, The Vineyard camp, in Westfield, NC! Vineyard Camp is an amazing place where youth can come to experience God's amazing creation in so many ways.

From Pastor Denise Boggs:

“From the Lake to the Swimming Pool, from the Ropes Course to the Zip Line, and then on to the higher places… the Rock Climbing and the Hiking Trails something is exciting to do at every turn. Jesus liked to hang out with His disciples around campfires; that is where I met Jesus many years ago, so I'm super excited to invite you to come and meet Him too!!!

Anointed, powerful, morning Worship will awaken each one’s spirit to hear God for the rest of the day. Activities of Archery, Tennis, paintball, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and many more are part of the daily schedule to prepare each one for the powerful group sessions.

All sessions throughout the day will be focused on removing every obstacle that hinders young people from hearing the voice of God. The prophets of old like Samuel and David learned to hear the voice of God in their youth.

Now is a pivotal time for young people to hear God’s voice and be transformed by His love!”

We will be having Biblically sound lessons that focus on building the youth in their faith and helping them overcome some of the hurdles, hurts, and obstacles they may be facing personally, whether in their family or at school. Then the day will end with powerful evening messages around the Campfire!

What is the goal of Summer Youth Camp?

Our goal is for every young person regardless of age to meet Jesus. They may know Him as Savior but they must also know Him as their healer. Many young people have unhealed areas in their hearts; they may have been bullied at school or hurt during parental disagreements and break-ups. We will be creating a safe place for the youth to process these painful hurts and trust Jesus as their “heart healer!” When their hearts are hurting they feel unloved, but when pain is released, they will experience the River of God’s love in such a tangible way as their spirits are awakened by the Holy Spirit and they discover their God-given identity!

This is going to be an unforgettable week that will make a lasting impact on the youth. They will leave with a healed heart, new passion, and a more clear sense of who God has called them to be, and the mission He has called them to in this life! Even as we may be in difficult times, we want youth to have a clear sense of their God-given identity and purpose even in these last days, so they can walk in faith, power, and love.

Retreat Dates 2024

July 21-27 2024 The Vineyard hosted by Living Waters Ministry

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4803 Old Vashti Rd. • Hiddenite, NC 28636