Healing the Heart Weekends


You are invited to enter the depths of your heart, begin healing from the pain of your past, and break free from repeated patterns of defeat. A Healing the Heart Weekend will bring freedom and re-position you to experience life in a new way.





Upcoming Dates and Locations


January 28-30… Have Life Church with Pastors Shomari & Jacque’ White in Charlotte, NC

February 17-18… No Limit Global with Pastor Chris Bradley in Richmond, VA

March 10-11… The Bridge Church with Pastors Archie and Tangie Callahan in Virginia

March 17-18… The Gate with Pastors Jordan and Holly Roberts in Oklahoma City, OK

TBA (April / May 2023)… Redemption West with Pastors Ron & Hope Carpenter in San Jose, CA

TBA… Redemption East with Pastors Ron & Hope Carpenter in Greenville, SC

TBA… Change Atlanta with Dr. Dharius Daniels in Atlanta, GA

March 31- April 2… Victory Church with Pastor Paul Daugherty in Tulsa, OK

TBA… New Beginnings Fellowship Church with Dr. James Jackson in Indianapolis, IN












Registration for HTH Weekends
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4803 Old Vashti Rd. • Hiddenite, NC 28636