May 2, 2018 // William Boggs

To get to the place of living and dwelling in the fullness of God’s love you must first receive God’s love daily. The prerequisite to allowing the love of God to transform your heart is that you have to have a daily relationship with Jesus. The point is daily.

He made the way for you to be free from the guilt and shame of your sins, that’s why you can call Him your Savior. When you feel guilty don’t be like Adam in the garden. Adam had the opportunity to talk with God in the cool of the day, every day. But, once Adam sinned he didn’t want to fellowship with God, instead, he ran and hid.

God is a loving Father and He has provided a way through Jesus for you to deal with your sins and never have to hide from God again. That is why we come to God through Jesus, He is the door we go through to the Father. God loves you so much, He sent the Holy Spirit to daily show you your sin, and He sent Jesus to cleanse you so you can come and fellowship with Him without any shame or fear.

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