Our Team

Pastors Michael and Rachel Hyland

We are a blended family, married in 2000. We served in several different areas of ministry throughout our first 14 years of marriage, and were both ordained through Redemption Ministerial Fellowship in 2007.

The truth is, even though we both desperately wanted to make our lives count for the Kingdom, pockets of pain kept surfacing, refusing to be ignored, and hindering us in every area of our lives, including our marriage. So, in March of 2014 we found ourselves at a Living Waters Marriage Retreat. Our lives were so impacted with the truth we heard that we became students of the Living Waters teaching, looking for every opportunity to shadow and serve so that we could walk out our own personal healing, and then become equipped to share these life-changing principles with others.

In addition to implementing the Volunteer Program at the Living Waters Lodge, we served on weekends and filled in whenever the Pastors Lee and Denise needed help teaching at Retreats. Over the past 4 years we have been instrumental in starting the Healing the Heart School at Redemption Church in Greenville, SC and 5 additional campus locations, as well as One-on-One and Couples ministry, under the direction of Pastors Lee and Denise Boggs.

God has revealed to us that our passion is to teach and host Retreats wherever the doors are open. In 2017, we conducted Healing the Heart Retreats in PA, as well as at the Living Waters Lodge. Due to the explosive growth of Living Waters Ministry, we are scheduled to begin regular rotation in January 2018, conducting entire Retreats at the LW Lodge in Hiddenite, NC and more to come, as well as assisting in additional areas as the need arises.

Come experience the Life-Giving Water of God's Love! He really does want to meet ALL of your needs so that you will never thirst again!

4803 Old Vashti Rd. • Hiddenite, NC 28636