Pastors Retreat


Many Pastors are in burn-out and do not even know it! They find themselves weary and burdened down by the heavy weight of ministry. This is what a Pastors Retreat is all about: It is a set apart time and place, where Pastors can rest and be rejuvenated.

We see a great and pressing need for a retreat for Pastors of our day. At our Pastors Retreat, you will experience healing and empowerment so that you may run your race and finish well in health and Kingdom purpose. The call of God is for Pastors to minister to their flocks out of wholeness instead of weariness and woundedness.

A Special Note from Pastor Denise!

Dear Pastor ….

The Lord has given me a powerful word for the next Pastors Retreat. If your spirit leaps when you read it, then make plans to come as it’s a word for you!!

“The Hidden Snare” — They didn’t teach you how to identify the snare in Seminary! I’ve spent 20 years trying to help pastors get out of it and now God has told me that my goal in this all-too-common occurrence is to teach Pastors how to see it and avoid it. The snare has been hidden for generations and has weakened and taken down the prophets of God! If you don’t see it you’re sure to step into it. The snare has been uniquely hidden by the enemy so it’s gone undetected. If you step into it… then comes the task of balancing family and ministry until you get free from its grip.

The Pastors Retreat starts on Tuesday evening and ends on Thursday after lunch. Cost is $495 per person. Register today!

Hope to see you then,

Denise Boggs
Living Waters Ministry

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Retreat Dates 2022

June 14-16

For More Information contact the Living Waters office.

*It is encouraged that Pastors register as soon as possible, as we only have limited space available.

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