Team Members


Our Family

Jon and Crystal Dillon

Jon and Crystal Dillon are son-in-law and daughter of Lee and Denise Boggs, and have five boys. Crystal serves on our Support Staff assisting with social media, graphic design, and outreach.

Zachary and Casey Johnson

Zachary and Casey Johnson are son-in-law and daughter of Lee and Denise Boggs, and have a son and a daughter. Casey serves on our Support Staff as Hospitality Director and Menu Coordinator.

William and Mariah Boggs

William and Mariah Boggs are the son and daughter-in-law of Lee and Denise Boggs, and have one daughter. William serves on our Ministry Team as a retreat leader. He also travels to various locations as a speaker sharing his story of how God breathed life back into his paralyzed body after a nearly fatal car collision. William’s passion is to carry the message of the healing power of Jesus to this generation and empower them with their God-given identity. Read more about William Boggs here.


Ministry Team

Pastors Michael and Rachel Hyland

Michael and Rachel Hyland have served in ministry together for almost twenty years and are both ordained through Redemption Ministerial Fellowship. After attending one of our marriage retreats in 2014, their lives were so impacted that they became invested in our ministry, looking for every opportunity to serve and learn. Michael and Rachel have assisted in implementing our volunteer program, teaching retreat sessions, and starting the Healing the Heart School at Redemption Church. They have also been an important part of our One-on-One and Couples ministries and will continue to be retreat leaders as part of our Ministry Team.

Lisa McRae

Lisa McRae is a licensed and ordained minister through Living Waters Ministry and offers Biblical counseling, coaching and teaching in Grand Rapids, Michigan to a client base that extends from the upper Great Lakes to the Southeast U.S. coast. She is also part of our Ministry and Intercessory Prayer Teams. Lisa’s personal story of deep woundedness to eventual freedom and healing in Christ has empowered her with a deep passion for accompanying others on their own personal healing journey.

Debbie Leonhardt

Debbie Leonhardt is a certified and licensed professional counselor, and founder of Alexander Counseling and Consulting Services in Taylorsville, NC. Additionally, she has over twenty years of ministerial experience. Debbie is part of our Ministry Team and is available to meet with retreat participants as needed.

Thomas and Wyletta Malone

Thomas and Wyletta Malone are the Directors of Marriage Builders for Redemption Church. They have served in marriage ministry for over twenty years. After receiving from Living Waters Ministry, Thomas and Wyletta then became a vital part of our Ministry Team. They minister specifically to couples that come in search of healing and reconciliation.

Nelson and Dalia Karina Delanuez

Nelson and Dalia Karina Delanuez bring to Living Waters Ministry their powerful creative gifts. Nelson often leads worship at the beginning of retreat sessions and sets an atmosphere that opens the heart for healing. Karina is a professional artist who, along with Nelson, brings anointed creativity to our Ministry Team.

Pastoral Care Team


Dr. Pete Sulack

Dr. Pete Sulack is the founder of Exodus Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN. His main passion in life “is to see people walk in all the abundance and health—body, soul, and spirit—for which God created them.” Dr. Pete has gained an international reputation as an expert speaker and writer on such subjects as proactive health, nutrition, and the important connection between health and faith in God. We are honored to have Dr. Pete on our Pastoral Care Team to speak into pastors and teach them how to finish the race well. He has partnered with our ministry to create and lead the Pastors Only Retreat.

Pastors Dr. Tony and Lashea Colson

Dr. Tony and Lashea Colson are the Campus Pastors of Redemption Church in Columbia, SC. Dr. Tony Colson is the author of Unlocking Your Divine DNA. Both Tony and Lashea serve on our Pastoral Care Team and are integral parts of the Pastors Only Retreats. Lashea also co-leads The Esther Retreat with Denise Boggs, where she teaches on the oils of Esther’s purification.

Pastor Paul Broussard

Paul Broussard has served in various positions of church ministry throughout his pastoral career. Being a pastor he understands the pressure and struggles of ministry. When great tragedy and loss hit Paul’s life, the realization had set in that there was no place a senior pastor could go for healing, openness, and unconditional love in a safe environment. It wasn’t until the Lord led him to Living Waters Ministry that God healed his heart, restored his soul, and shifted his calling. Paul now serves on our Pastoral Care Team speaking into and ministering to pastors who have been broken and are hurting.

Support Staff

Barbara Bunton

Barbara Bunton has been in ministry for over thirty-five years. She currently serves on our Support Staff as the Administrative Office Assistant, and Retreat and Volunteer Coordinator.

Gracie Payne

Gracie Payne serves on our Support Staff in the Hospitality and Housekeeping areas. Gracie and her husband, Todd Payne, are also missionaries to India through Hopegivers International.

Elizabeth Bunton

Elizabeth Bunton serves on our Support Staff in the Hospitality and Kitchen areas. Elizabeth has been in ministry for over fourteen years alongside her husband, Josh Bunton, who is the pastor of TrueVine Worship Center in Statesville, NC.

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