Compassion or Criticism?

October 31, 2019 // Denise Boggs

When God sent Jesus to earth, He released the strongest and most powerful force that has ever hit the earth. This powerful force was God’s love, and this power would change the world. When God’s great love was released through Jesus, it became a flowing river that would water the driest desert and soften the hardest heart. This river has continued to flow for over 2,000 years because nothing can stop the powerful love of God!

Jesus, the carrier of the river, released God’s love to everyone who would receive Him. He poured it out freely and by doing so, modeled for us how to carry and dispense the river. He approached sinners with compassion, not condemnation or criticism. Everyone who receives Jesus can know the power of God’s love and become a carrier of His love through compassion.

This is what Jesus said: “He who believes in Me as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” John 7:38

You can’t carry and pour out the Love of God and criticism at the same time. God’s love flows like a river and anything that stops the flow must be removed.  The moment you embrace criticism the river stops flowing!  When we pour out criticism to others, the river of God stops flowing through us and the person who we criticized shuts down. We are no longer life-givers, but become life takers! So you have a choice what you release…

Compassion for others keeps the River of God flowing, criticism shuts it down.

This never-ending pure love of God is a River that flows from heaven to earth to fill homes, hearts and families with His love. Everywhere the River flows there is life! (Ezekiel 47) But, sadly many marriages have failed because the River of God has stopped flowing. Criticism has stopped the River in their marriage and in their home. 

What are you carrying and pouring out to those around you? Are you a life-giver or a life-taker?


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