Family Restoration

April 5, 2019 // Denise Boggs

Keys to Family Restoration 

There are two main truths that we have discovered, that keep people and families stuck in unhealthy places.

First: Discovering how to put away the false identities that we took on growing up. “When I was a child I thought like a child…” (1 Cor. 13:11). The role we take on as a child to compensate for the dysfunction in our home is not who we really are. It’s just a role, much like a role in a school play. We act out our part but when the play is over we think it’s who we are.

Second: When our adult relationships are built out of unmet childhood needs we tend to perform for the other person and get hurt if they don’t respond correctly or we control the other person to assure our needs are met.

Neither approach works! Our unmet emotional needs from childhood can cause us a lot of grief until we get them settled down. What do I mean by settled down? Well, they are like little kids living inside of us, and these little kids need a home. They can’t sit still, they are restless and always wanting a snack. They must be fed and covered with a soft blanket to settle them down. When a child feels nurtured, safe and fed they settle down.

So what feeds our restless unmet needs? A loving and caring environment. Home is where our soul can settle down and find rest. It’s in a loving home Environment where love flows that our emotional needs are met. This environment is healthy so it nourishes and comforts the soul. If your soul is restless it’s a good indicator you need a healthier home environment with healthy relationships. 


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