Is It Time?

January 17, 2018 // Denise Boggs

I believe we can know by the Spirit of God when it’s time to move forward. But, we have to be still to know. We can know by the peace in our heart, and many times we can see with our eyes visual confirmations when it’s time to take the next step forward.

Think for a moment about Noah: After 40 days pass, Noah is ready to move out of the ark, but he doesn’t move until he has a sign from God. So, Noah opens the door of the ark and sends out a raven. Ravens are scavengers that feed off the flesh of the dead. So, by its very nature the raven could not be trusted, and it does not return. Noah then lets seven days pass and sends out a dove, and the dove soon returns.

Noah lets another seven days pass and sends out the dove a second time. It returns again, but this time with an olive tree leaf in its beak. Noah sends out the dove a third time and this time the Dove does not return. This was Noah’s sign that the time to leave the ark and begin a new life on earth had arrived. Noah trusted this sign from God and knew it was time to move out of the ark.

In my own life the Lord has lead me to be keenly sensitive to cardinals. Traditionally, the cardinal is symbolic of life, hope, and restoration. When I see cardinals, similar to what can be seen in this video, I take notice!

First of all, I am encouraged when I see a cardinal – it is a reminder to me that the God of all hope loves me and has an abundant life ahead for me. I also have learned over the years that when He brings a cardinal right in front of my eyes, it is time to move forward. So what about you? Is it time to move forward?

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