Out of Season

February 17, 2018 // Denise Boggs

With each season of our life, we must face the reality of that season. We need to enjoy each season and change with it instead of continuing to live out of the one that has already passed. Since there are four seasons in a year, let’s say that life is divided into four seasons: childhood, young-adulthood (teenage years), adulthood, and senior-adulthood.

Childhood should be a season to learn and grow, have fun, be carefree, and not take life seriously. After all, someone else is in charge and is responsible for you. Young adulthood (teenage years) should be a season of learning and exploring. It is a time to discover new things, mature, learn how to become responsible for ourselves and others, and to learn from our mistakes but knowing the mistake will be covered because at the end of the day, someone else is still in charge.

Adulthood is an altogether different season. It is a season of responsibility and stability, of being settled and thinking of others because this is a season when you are in charge and others are depending on your stability. It is a season of building, planning, and implementing those plans, while making a difference in this world. The senior years slow down and the reward of stability can be seen and enjoyed. In this season, all the decisions made out of stability will allow you to relax and be at peace because someone else is in charge.

BUT let’s say an adult is still living out their teenage years: they want to continue having fun and explore new things. Well, there’s nothing wrong with an adventure if it’s in the right season and doesn’t affect stability. The reality of adulthood is that you are in charge and you are responsible for creating stability. It’s a time when others are depending on you. This greater responsibility means decisions are made out of the reality of this season and knowing the carefree season of life has passed. Every decision affects others, and every decision must be made according to stability, responsibility and accountability. A mature adult faces the reality of their season and takes responsibility for the stability of those they are responsible for and entrusted with. The mature adult faces their season and will forego adventure when it affects the stability of others. A mature adult will discern their season and lay down their life for others. My question today is, “Have you made decisions out of season?”.

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