Safe People

October 15, 2018 // Denise Boggs

There is a vast difference between safe and unsafe people. Once you know the difference, you can avoid a lot of relationship difficulties. If you trust an unsafe person, it’s very predictable. You WILL be hurt. Safe people know the love of God and they want to share His love with others. A person who has a hardened heart will be unsafe until they are healed. Out of their wounded state they don’t know how to give or receive love, neither do they give the grace and mercy that is the outflow of love.

A safe person will create a safe place for others who are hurting.

A safe person will take time to listen and understand.

Safe people give unconditional love and acceptance.

A safe person makes you feel at ease. When around a safe person, you feel comfortable because you sense the love of God in them.

With a safe person, you don’t have to perform. Safe people will love you even with your faults.

If you feel safe with someone, you can trust them to hold you accountable as you work through issues. Safe people don’t judge, they have grace and mercy to extend as your working on your issues. When you feel safe, you can share what you are struggling with and not worry about them judging you. If you feel judged as you begin sharing your struggles, that should be a red flag. If you feel pressed to perform and be perfect, most likely that person is not a safe person.

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