Saturation and Life

July 26, 2018 // Denise Boggs

Recently one of my favorite plants died from the lack of water. It was unusually dry from days in the hot sun without a break. I picked up the plant that was once green and full of life, and looked at it’s dead brown leaves. As I carried it towards the trashcan to discard, the phrase “saturate it” came to my mind. To saturate means to cause (something) to become thoroughly soaked. “It’s worth a try,” I thought. So, I placed the dead plant under the water fall of the fountain on our deck. There it would sit in water, as well as have a continuous flow pouring in. This was the perfect place to saturate the plant and see if there was even a glimpse of life left.

Later that day, I left for a seven-day trip out of town, forgetting all about the plant. When I returned I was so surprised to see sitting in the same spot was a brand new plant! The soil had been saturated with water for seven days, the life source it needed to be revived. Saturating the soil allowed the roots to soak.

As I reflected on the new life in my plant, I was impressed to remember that the Word of God is the Living Water that our souls need for life. But just a little sprinkle won’t do. We must stay in the Word long enough for our roots to soak. As our roots soak in the Truth of God’s Word, we come back to life. I knew this principle, but to see it so vividly portrayed with my dead plant brought a deeper revelation. The revelation had to do with the seven days of saturation. I was ready to dispose of my plant – my favorite plant at that – but, there was still life deep in its roots, crying out for water.

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God.” (Psalm 42:1 KJV)

Our souls can’t survive the pressures of life alone. We can dry out and burn out from the heat. We must drink the water of the Word daily to survive. Burn out requires more drastic measures, it requires saturation. Saturation is the key to being revived, soaking until the life giving Word penetrates to the depths of the dried up places in the soul.

When you’re dry, you don’t have to know where the dried up places are, just soak until you are saturated. I would suggest, if you are feeling dry, discouraged, and burned out, to take several days to soak in the Word. You will be surprised at what takes place.

View the picture of my plant and notice the fresh green growth at the top. The dried leaves are still noticeable at the bottom, but the new growth has become the focus. If you have a friend or loved one that’s like my dried up plant, don’t disregard them Instead, share this devotional and pictures to encourage them to soak until they are saturated, and watch the new life spring forth.

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