Seed and Soil

February 2, 2018 // Denise Boggs

I feel prompted by the Lord to expound upon “seed-time & harvest-time”. God’s Word is a seed and His full purpose for our life is in the seeds that He plants. You may know that painful hurts during childhood can cause your heart to be full of stones. A seed can fall on a stone and just lay there. In your own life, there may be stones in your heart causing many seeds to not germinate.

As you work through various painful situations and discover childhood hurts and disappointments, you may feel some of the hard places in your heart softening up. For some, you will immediately feel the release, but for others it may take more processing to get the stones loosened and removed. I know in my own life some stones were easier to remove than others. If you are find yourself needing help with a stone in your heart I would suggest journaling, to process more of the hurtful events. It’s important to know, even through this time of healing: the process does not stop there, it must continue.

Do you know how a natural seed germinates? From my own gardening research and experience I have found that when a seed is planted in soil, the temperature of the soil has to warm up before the seed will germinate. This principle is true in our own life. A Word from God is a seed. Inside the Word is the full potential that God intended. We know from Isaiah 55:11 that God’s Word will not return void, but it will accomplish what God intended for it to accomplish. There is nothing lacking in the seed – it will not return to God void!

When there is a problem with the growing process, the issue is the soil the seed is planted in. All of the stones must be removed, and then the soil has to warm up for the seed to germinate. Then it can break forth and produce the intended harvest. Remember, all this is happening during seed-time.

So, I want to ask you a question: Have you noticed your heart warming up toward people who have hurt you? I know, this may seem like a strange question, especially when the temperature outside has been below freezing. But, seriously, I really want you to be more observant about the inside temperature of your heart. We all watch the weather channel and check the weather app just to see how cold it is outside. We make decisions based on the weather: we decide whether we will go certain places and how we need to dress according to the outside temperatures. So now let’s apply that to your heart.

If your heart hasn’t yet warmed up towards someone who hurt you, I would suggest that you not go there this week. Wait until you have processed through more of the pain and your heart has warmed up. The last thing you need during the healing process is more hurt. A cold stony heart will get offended very easily. For now, consider the condition of your heart before you take a trip. Get your heart warmed up!

Remember the goal: The Word from God that’s planted in seed-time needs to germinate!

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