Are You Mature?

January 26, 2018 // Denise Boggs

Have you ever called your doctor’s office to get an appointment and they put you on hold? They may say, “Please hold for one moment”, and 10 minutes later you are still holding. That call can be so annoying, even if soothing music is playing while you are on hold. The music plays as your mind swirls thinking of all the things you could be doing. Then you may get fed up and hang up the phone. Before you hang up, the conversation you have with yourself may go something like this: “Why is it taking so long? I’m going to just hang up. This is ridiculous. I don’t even like this doctor. I’m going to find another one.”

Let’s face it, the problem here isn’t the doctor and it’s not the receptionist. The problem is how you have been conditioned by the world system to have everything fast. We have fast internet, fast microwave meals, fast food restaurants, and fast banking. Everything is fast! We are conditioned to be like 6 year olds – we want what we want, and we want it NOW! So when we have to wait, we don’t handle it well.

Waiting is actually a sign of maturity. Isaiah 40:31a says, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…”. The strength that comes through the process of waiting is a stronger faith in God, and not faith in yourself. Faith is cultivated as you wait. Waiting teaches you to trust God and resist taking matters into your own hands. The way you wait can show you if you are needing to mature in an area of your life. God can’t trust you with a new assignment until He can trust you to wait on Him.

Have you ever blown an assignment because you took matters into your own hands? Think about it! Waiting builds character like no other exercise. You may go to the gym to build muscle, but you build strength in spirit by learning to wait on the Lord. It is then and only then, moving as He prompts you through His Spirit, that you will forward.

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