God’s Purpose

June 16, 2018 // Denise Boggs

“Then Job said to the Lord, ‘I know that You can do all things, and that no thought or purpose of Yours can be restrained or thwarted.'” (Job 42:1-2 AMPC)

I want you to read Job 42:1-2 – God’s purpose for life cannot be restrained or thwarted! In Job’s life, God’s plan and purpose could not be stopped. And when Job grabbed hold of what God was saying and prayed for his friends who had treated him so badly, he saw with his own eyes God’s purpose for him unfold. In Job 42:10, God gave Job twice as much as he had before, once he prayed for his friends. I believe Job had to be able to forgive and release his friends to be able to pray and bless them. God’s plan to prosper him abundantly was hanging on it. So through His obedience, God blessed the latter days of Job’s life more than his beginning. Like with Job, God will turn a situation around for you and you will receive a full blessing from your act of obedience.

Joseph is another example of the blessings of God through forgiveness. In Joseph’s life, it was his brothers who turned on him. Not only did they turn on him but they also sold him as a slave. Then, they told his father he was dead so that his father would not go looking for him. Once again, though, God’s plan and purpose could not be thwarted. And for Joseph’s life, this purpose was hanging on how he handled his betrayal. Years passed as he was being prepared for his high position in Egypt. Preparation was not as you would expect for the high position. His preparation was how he handled betrayal and being falsely accused. His promotion and prosperity hinged, like Jobs, on blessing his brothers. He could have sent them away, without forgiving them, to die in the famine and not think anything of it. But it is obvious through his actions to provide for his father and brothers that forgiveness had been completed in his heart, and God blessed him with the second highest position in the land.

So with these two examples, I begin to think on every situation I am facing today. What is God’s full plan and purpose for my life? What act of forgiveness is He asking of me? Is the full provision hanging on my obedience to forgive and bless someone who has hurt me? As I have pondered this thought He has revealed someone, what about you? Is God waiting on you to do the right thing? What if your full blessing is attached to your act of obedience?

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